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First Hundred Years, The (1938) (MOD)

First Hundred Years, The (1938) (MOD)

First Hundred Years, The (1938) (MOD)

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David and Lynn Conway are a two-career New York couple. He (Robert Montgomery) is a shipbuilder whose opportunities have been sparse. She (Virginia Bruce) manages a thriving theatrical agency and has been the major breadwinner for a while. But he's just received a prime out-of-town job offer and becomes a hardheaded chauvinist about his spouse's refusal to quit her gig and become a New Bedford, Massachusetts, housewife. With snappy banter and observant wit, The First Hundred Years is the bubbly but bumpy tale of loving, yet suddenly unhappy, young marrieds driven to the legal breaking point by work conflicts, from a story by producer Norman Krasna (Bachelor Mother, It Started with Eve and his Oscar®-winning* Princess O'Rourke). Warren William as the lady's boss, Binnie Barnes as a femme fatale angling for the guy, Lee Bowman as an author with designs on the lady and Harry Davenport as a twinkly uncle bring spice to this confection that casts a knowing eye on the eternal struggle between the job market and the marriage state.