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Fingers (1978)

Fingers (1978)

Fingers (1978)

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Jimmy Fingers (Harvey Keitel) lives in two worlds. In one, he's a supremely talented pianist with Carnegie Hall aspirations. In the other, he's a brutal collector who violently squeezes anyone who reneges on debts owed his mobbish, loan-shark father. Jimmy is a house divided. His dual life will come crashing in on him. As in Taxi Driver, Reservoir Dogs, and Pulp Fiction, Keitel inhabits a seamy underbelly of existence in Fingers. James Toback (Bugsy) writes and directs, infusing this cult classic with vivid New York locations and volatile psychosexual dislocation. This Entertainment Weekly choice as One of the 25 Greatest Mob Movies Ever features Jim Brown, Danny Aiello and future The Sopranos costars Dominic Chianese and Anthony Sirico. Fingers has talent and impact in its grasp.

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Genres: Crime, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 3/02/1978,

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