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Fatal Deception (MOD)

Fatal Deception (MOD)

Fatal Deception (MOD)

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Helena Bonham Carter gives a Golden Globe® -nominated performance as the widow of Lee Harvey Oswald in this compelling story about conspiracies and cover-ups costarring Frank Whaley as the accused assassin. Thrust into the national consciousness on November 22, 1963, Marina Oswald (Bonham Carter) was a 22-year-old Russian mother of two who could barely speak English. Beginning with their courtship in Minsk, Marina's story is told for the first time: her husband's secretive life, the move to Dallas-Fort Worth, the pain and horror of the assassination, the raising of her children, and how she gradually came to side with conspiracy theorists that the truth still remains hidden. Filmed on location in Dallas and Russia, Fatal Deception: Mrs. Lee Harvey Oswald aired on NBC-TV on November 15, 1993, revealing secrets - both her husband's and her own - that Marina kept for 30 years.

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