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Fastest Guitar Alive, The

Fastest Guitar Alive, The

Fastest Guitar Alive, The

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Posing as purveryors of a snake-oil elixir, Johnny and Steve are really Confederate spies out to nab a major cure-all for depleted rebel coffers: $150,000 in gold from the San Francisco mint. What, you say the war is over? Well, maybe the good ol' boys can return the lucre.and avoid being arrested in the process! Roy Orbison essays his lone feature-film role as Johnny, he of the guitar that can twang a chord and riff bullets. The story elements - amiable Indians (including Iron Eyes Cody) "invent" popcorn, a wagonload of cuties tag along with Johnny and, of course, there's that guitar - are a ramble, but the tale agreeably frames seven tunes featuring crooner Orbison's signature tremolo. Watch where you point that six-stringer, Roy.

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Actors: Roy Orbison, Sammy Jackson, Maggie Pierce, Joan Freeman, Lyl, Lyle Bettger,

Directors: Michael Moore,

Writers: Robert E. Kent,

Genres: Musical, Western,

Theatrical Release Date: 9/01/1967,

Format: Made To Order DVD,