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Eleventh Hour, The: S1 BTB S1 (MOD)

Eleventh Hour, The: S1 BTB S1 (MOD)

Eleventh Hour, The: S1 BTB S1 (MOD)

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The captivating companion series to the smash hit medical drama Dr. Kildare, The Eleventh Hour occupies a similar space but deals with a decidedly different type of illness - the mental kind. Wendell Corey stars as psychiatrist Dr. Theodore Bassett, adviser to the Department of Corrections, alongside Jack Ging as clinical psychologist Dr. Paul Graham. Together they boldly venture into the last great frontier - the human mind - to help the desperate, heal the mentally ill, and aid the forces of law and order. When the mind's resources are stretched to the limit, facing its dark "Eleventh Hour," they stand ready to unravel subconscious conflicts that plague us all or, if needed, shine a dispassionate forensic light into the darkness of the criminal mind. Guest stars include Vera Miles, George C. Scott, Colleen Dewhurst, Burgess Meredith, Eleanor Parker, Dan Duryea, Walter Matthau, Telly Savalas, Angela Lansbury and Carroll O'Connor.

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Actors: Wendell Corey, Ralph Bellamy, Jack Ging,

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