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Duel of Hearts (MOD)

Duel of Hearts (MOD)

Duel of Hearts (MOD)

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When Lady Caroline Faye (Allison Doody, Indiana Jones and the Last crusade) first meets the mysterious, handsome Lord Vane Brecon (Benedict Taylor, The Watcher in the Woods), he has been accused of murder - an accusation she seeks to disprove. Taking a position as companion to Brecon's mother (Virginia McKenna, Born Free), she soon discovers that the family is not only wealthy in land and fortune, but rich in secrets. What mystery lurks in the family tower? Why is the maid Dorcas (Billie Whitelaw, The Omen) so faithful to Brecon's mother, but distrustful of the housekeeper Mrs. Miller (Geraldine Chaplin, White Mischief)? The answer could lie with Brecon's evil cousin and rival for the family fortune, Gervase (Michael York, Logan's Run). Only one thin gis certain in Faye's mind: that true love and honor will survive the Duel of Hearts. A classic Barbara Carland romance thriller.


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