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Double Danger (1938) (MOD)

Double Danger (1938) (MOD)

Double Danger (1938) (MOD)

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Gentleman crime novelist Bob Crane (Preston Foster) and debutante Carolyn Martin (Whitney Bourne) lead lives of luxury. Both are gifted with loyal attendants - Crane has his valet, Fentriss (Cecil Kellaway), and Carolyn has Taylor (Paul Guilfoyle), her driver. Both are intimate friends with Police Commissioner Theron (Samuel S. Hinds). And, though their social circles and the world at large are oblivious, both are master jewel thieves. Crane's criminal alter ego, "The Gentleman," has long eluded Commissioner Theron, but Theron has now narrowed his list of suspects to two people: Crane and Martin. Theron sets a clever trap with the aid of jeweler Gordon Ainsley (Donald Meek), for whom The Gentleman has long been a nuisance, by inviting both suspects to his country estate. Unfortunately for Theron, his mousetrap is set for only one mouse, and the amount of mischief he has invited is more than he expected!

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