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Dog of Flanders, A (1999) (MOD)

Dog of Flanders, A (1999) (MOD)

Dog of Flanders, A (1999) (MOD)

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"Can we keep him?" young Nello asks. Just like that, the curly-haired black dog Nello finds lying battered and abandoned in a ditch becomes part of the boy's life. Nello doesn't know yet, but the dog will soon become more than a pet. He'll be his best friend in the whole world. The magnificent canine is by the boy's side through good and bad times as Nello sticks to his goal of becoming a talented artist in A Dog of Flanders. The impressive historical sites and countryside of Flanders (a part of Belgium) provide the film's locations. And Jon Voight, Jack Warden and Cheryl Ladd are among the veteran stars of this eye-filling movie rooted in sentiments and life lessons that are timeless.

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