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The Doctor and the Girl

Doctor and the Girl, The

The Doctor and the Girl


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Michael Corday has his medical degree from Harvard and is ready to begin his internship at NYC's Bellevue. His proud father (Charles Coburn), a noted surgeon, counsels him to make his own career a priority. "Be impersonal and aloof," he says. "Your patients are merely cases." The advice sticks...for a while. Michael's transition from cold professional to caring physician provides the compassionate core of this tale accented with vivid location filming. Glenn Ford portrays the doctor and Janet Leigh plays the shopgirl who enters his life as one of those "merely cases" and emerges as his bride. Inspired by her, Michael forsakes lucrative opportunities and becomes a neighborhood physician. His choices create a rift with his father - a rift mended when both men face a tragedy involving Michael's sister (Gloria De Haven). Nancy Davis (the future Mrs. Ronald Reagan) plays the other Corday sister.


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