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The Delphi Bureau (MOD)

Delphi Bureau, The (MOD)

The Delphi Bureau (MOD)

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The Delphi Bureau is a top-secret spy cadre answerable only to the U.S. president. The organization may have just one field operative, a supposed researcher named Glenn Garth Gregory (Laurence Luckinbill). He gets his orders from an in-the-know Washington, D.C. socialite (Celeste Holm), and he relies on a resource that makes him a one-of-a-kind asset: his photographic memory. This adventure-packed, tongue-in-cheek pilot sets the pace and style for the 1972-73 series it launched. In it, Gregory sets out to find who's behind the disappearance of jets, tanks and other surplus weaponry. He'll be variously hunted by an assassin, tossed in jail for murder, half-buried inside a grain elevator and forced to cling to the undercarriage of a tractor while the driver tries to shred him under its tilling blades. One breathless escape after another invariably seems to land our hero in another jam. "I almost always get it right," quips Gregory.

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