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Danger Signal (1945) (MOD)

Danger Signal (1945) (MOD)

Danger Signal (1945) (MOD)


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One of the greatest opening scenes in all of film noir sets the stage for this sublime suspenser that rises above its B-movie limitations thanks to the skills of its ensemble, story and director. As a woman frantically knocks on a flophouse door, a man coolly removes a wedding ring from the hand of a woman, empties her purse and jumps out the window. Zachary Scott, in all his silky, seductive glory, plays the man, wannabe writer Ronnie Mason. Ronnie possesses a preternatural sense of what woman want, and uses it to fulfill his narcissistic pleasures. Faye Emerson plays the next stop on his trail of destruction, smart stenographer Hilda Fenchurch. Fate takes a turn when Hilda's younger sister (Mona Freeman) returns home and Mason takes a fancy to her. Now Mason is the one hunted as Hilda discovers how far she will go to save her sister. Directed by Robert Florey (The Beast with Five Fingers).


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