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Dancing Sweeties

Dancing Sweeties

Dancing Sweeties


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Bill Cleaver (Grant Withers) lives to dance. The winner of 11 straight cups at Hoffman's Parisian Dance Palace, he cinches the waltz contest with newcomer Molly O' Neil (Sue Carol), the niftiest little trick in town. So when the management offers them a free public wedding complete with furnished apartment, the happy couple agrees to get married. But when Molly can't master the latest moves, Bill goes from hoofer to heel as he secretly hooks up with former partner Jazzbo Gans (Edna Murphy) and steps out on his marriage. An early talkie with musical numbers, Dancing Sweeties was to feature two new songs by Al Dubin and Joe Burke, composers of "Tip Toe Through the Tulips." Although "The Kiss Waltz" was performed in the film, the second song was cut before release. Given by Burke to Rudy Vallee, "Dancing with Tears in My Eyes" went on to become a smash hit, the most successful new song of 1930.


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