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Cry Rape! (MOD)

Cry Rape! (MOD)

Cry Rape! (MOD)

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Andrea Marcovicci delivers a powerful star turn as a young woman violently raped - and whose life is irreversibly turned inside out by the ensuing legal aftermath - in this hard-hitting Emmy?-nominated drama that was one of television's early attempts to deal with this powerful issue. Betty Jenner's world crumbles when she falls victim to a violent rape. After submitting to a barrage of probing police questions, she faces the unthinkable - the chance that she was impregnated by the assailant or worse, exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. Betty identifies her attacker in a lineup, but her nightmare is far from over. Now she must endure the trial and an onslaught of indignities by the defense, including accusations that she tempted the rape herself. Before long, Betty wonders if the man she's accused is indeed the one who committed the heinous crime. Has the system worn her down? And is an innocent man on trial while a look-alike is free to stalk a new victim?

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Genres: Crime, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 11/27/1973,

Format: MOD - SD,


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