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Coquette (1929) (MOD)

Coquette (1929) (MOD)

Coquette (1929) (MOD)

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In her first talkie, Mary Pickford won 1929's Best Actress Academy Award® for her delightful portrayal of Norma Besant, a flirtatious socialite who falls in love with a poor ne'er-do-well. When Norma tells her father she has fallen in love with Michael Jeffery (Johnny Mack Brown), her widowed father forbids the two from seeing each other, knowing that Michael will never rise to their family's social class. But the couple's love is stronger than Norma's obligation to obey her father, and the lovers secretly continue their romance. But when they're seen together late one night, her father, gun in hand, sets out to settle things once and for all. Full of romance, passion and suspense, Coquette is also quite risqu� for its time. Some scenes, which could have upset censors, are filled more with innuendo than blatant lovemaking, adding a bit of fun to the entertainment.

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Directors: Sam Taylor,

Writers: Allen McNeil, John Grey, Sam Taylor,

Format: MOD - SD,


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