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Cool Breeze

Cool Breeze

Cool Breeze


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Gene Corman begins his run of Superfly-era urban actioners with this uptown remake of the heist classic The Asphalt Jungle. Thalmus Rasulala stars as recently released con Sidney Lord Jones who, draws together a web of men - some full of earnest conviction, some full of explosive desperation - in order to pull off a daring jewel robbery. But nothing fails like criminal success, and the gang soon finds itself caught up in a string of unhappy accidents and double crosses. Full of all the verve and flair (and flared pants!) found in the subsequent Hit Man and The Slams, Cool Breeze promises a hot time in the big city, and delivers the goods. Along the way the film serves up a delicious subtext concerning the "culture gap" between white and black society. And keep your eyes peeled for an early performance by the always arresting Pam Grier. Written and directed by Barry Pollack.


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