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Claudelle Inglish

Claudelle Inglish

Claudelle Inglish

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A jilted teenager gets her revenge the only way she knows how in this steamy story of a woman scorned starring Diane McBain. Arthur Kennedy, Will Hutchins, Constance Ford and Claude Akins. The pretty-as-a-peach daughter of a Georgia sharecropper (Kennedy), Claudelle lnglish (McBain) is madly in love with Linn Varner (Chad Everett in his screen debut), the handsome young farm boy who promises to wed her the day he's released from the Army. But when he sends her a Dear john letter, the heartbroken teen decides to get even by sharing her charms with every buck in the county. Trading herself for cheap thrills and gifts, Claudelle soon discovers that sin has its price in this Oscar®-nominated tale of a good girl gone bad, based on Erskine Caldwell`s bestselling novel.