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The Chaser (1938) (MOD)

Chaser, The (1938) (MOD)

The Chaser (1938) (MOD)

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Dennis O'Keefe stars as Thomas Brandon, an in-it-to-win-it shyster battling the "soulless corporation" that runs his city's streetcars. With the aid of his expert pal Phil (Nat Pendleton), and dipsomaniac doc, Prescott (Lewis Stone), Brandon looks around the edges of the law for the angles that will bleed unscrupulous streetcar magnate Calhoun (Henry O'Neill) dry. Calhoun hires Dorothy Mason (Ann Morriss) to go undercover as a prospective client. Brandon succumbs to Dorothy's charms, but who will pay the price for her duplicity.? Meanwhile, Dorothy discovers she may be working for the wrong side, and that she's the one who has been seduced. An illustrious assembly of authors lies behind The Chaser: Everett Freeman (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 1947), Harry Ruskin (Love Laughs at Andy Hardy), Bella and Samuel Spewack (Kiss Me Kate), Chandler Sprague (The Nuisance) and Howard Emmett Rogers (Libeled Lady).

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