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Cattle King (MOD)

Cattle King (MOD)

Cattle King (MOD)

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Trouble is growing like a prairie fire in 1883 Wyoming Territory. Cattle baron Clay Matthews is covertly masterminding stampedes of herds, hiring gunslingers for attacks on ranchers, cutting fences, grabbing lands - all part of a plan to establish a National Cattle Trail capable of handling a million-cattle drive from Texas to Canada. But Wyoming's rich grasslands could be trail's end for Clay: Sam Brassfield, who knows the era of the wide-open range is over, will fight to hold his spread. Robert Taylor portrays Sam, returning to the sagebrush genre that, with films like The Law and Jake Wade, served him so well in the latter part of his career. Filmed in vivid color, Cattle King is also steeped in the cowboy way on the other side of the camera, with director Tay Garnett (Death Valley Days), producer Nat Holt (Badman's Territory) and writer/associate producer Thomas Thompson (Bonanza).

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