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Cash McCall (MOD)

Cash McCall (MOD)

Cash McCall (MOD)

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What kind of man is Cash McCall? "I'm a thoroughly vulgar character," the corporate raider explains. "I enjoy making money." Cash (James Garner) is enjoying himself plenty of late. A successful plastics company is on the sales block, and that means the ambitious financier can continue pursuing more riches - along with that other valuable pursuit: l'amour. That's where lovely Lory Austen (Natalie Wood) comes in.

In this lively adaptation of the book by Cameron Hawley (Executive Suite), Garner combines big charm and big bucks in a role foreshadowing his award-winning Barbarians at the Gate work 33 years later. And a top cast supports the two stars in a story that proves if love and money don't mix, love and Cash do.

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