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Cannery Row (1982) (MOD)

Cannery Row (1982) (MOD)

Cannery Row (1982) (MOD)

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The canneries stand empty now that the sardines have abandoned the waters, but life continues on the Row. Here you'll find Doc (Nick Nolte), a marine biologist and community mentor; Suzy (Debra Winger), a good-hearted newcomer gone astray; and Mack, Hazel and all the boys working hard at not working. And here you'll find the love of a man for a woman, of a writer for a place and of life for more life.

Based on works by John Steinbeck and written for the screen and directed by The Sting's David S. Ward, Cannery Row - from its lyrical John Huston narration and its saggy blues to its top-drawer performances, waterfront sets and whimsical charm - is an atmospheric gem, one that has its world "spinning in greased grooves."

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