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Calm Yourself (1935) (MOD)

Calm Yourself (1935) (MOD)

Calm Yourself (1935) (MOD)

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Unflappable ad executive "Pat" Patton (Robert Young) hits upon the idea of a lifetime (or so he thinks) while getting fired for kissing Mary Elizabeth Allenby (Betty Furness), the daughter of his boss. While admonishing the apoplectic Colonel Allenby (Claude Gillingwater) to "calm yourself," Pat decides there is a future in doing deeds others find unpleasant. Pat sets up shop as Confidential Services, Inc. (backdating the firm to 1908), an agency that specializes in the quiet performance of the unpleasant and the unsavory. Pat quickly creates the illusion of a thriving concern, but business is lacking. Pat's salvation comes in the form of an assignment from banker K.S. Rockwell (Ralph Morgan): Keep a beautiful girl (Madge Evans) away from the stepmother (Shirley Ross) who doesn't know she exists. It turns out to be a rather pleasant "unpleasant" task - minus the kidnapped baby and the mob!

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