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Boulevard Nights (MOD)

Boulevard Nights (MOD)

Boulevard Nights (MOD)

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From executive producer Tony Bill (The Sting, Taxi Driver) comes a gritty and groundbreaking look at Los Angeles gang life in the city's Mexican-American barrios, a powerful forerunner to such later movies as Colors and Menace II Society. Raymond Avila (Richard Y?iguez) is an ex-gang member trying to build a future. Kid brother Chuco (Danny De La Paz) is a sullen low-rider still caught up in the life. Despite their differences, their family bond is strong. But that bond is violently tested when rivals challenge Chuco's gang - and ignite a neighborhood war. Experience a movie judged "honest, authentic, dramatic and effective" by the Los Angeles Times' Charles Champlin. Hit this Boulevard.

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Actors: Richard Y?iguez, Marta Dubois, Danny De La Paz, James Victor, Betty Carvalho, Carmen Zapata, Victor Millan, Gary Cervantes,

Directors: Michael Pressman,

Writers: Desmond Nakano,

Genres: Crime, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 3/23/1979,

Format: Made To Order DVD,