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Biggest Bundle of Them All,The (MOD)

Biggest Bundle of Them All,The (MOD)

Biggest Bundle of Them All,The (MOD)

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An inept criminal gang plans a daring train robbery in this hilarious Euro-comic caper starring Raquel Welch, Robert Wagner and Edward G. Robinson. When deported Chicago mobster Cesare Celli (Vittorio De Sica) is kidnapped by five amateur thieves (including Welch, Wagner and Godfrey Cambridge), he soon finds himself on the top 10 unwanted list. Considered a poor credit risk, no one will pay Cesare's ransom. Down but not out, the proud Mafioso persuades his none-too-bright abductors to join him in the heist of the century - a great train robbery worth millions! Enlisting the aid of wily criminal mastermind "The Professor" (Robinson), these unlikely conspirators risk life and limb in a mad scramble to gain the ultimate prize - $5 million in platinum ingots. Shot on gorgeous locations in Italy and France, The Biggest Bundle of Them All is an imaginative, outrageous romp, a "hilarious misadventure" (Hollywood Citizen-News) that guarantees the biggest laughs of them all!

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