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Big Shots (1987) (MOD)

Big Shots (1987) (MOD)

Big Shots (1987) (MOD)

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Ivan Reitman, producer of National Lampoon '5 Animal House and producer/director of Ghostbusters, brings you Big Shots, a slam-bang comedy-adventure with a heart as big as Chicago. It centers on the unlikely but very special friendship that develops between two 11-year-old boys. Obie is a kid from the lily-white suburbs struggling with the recent death of his father while Scam is a product of the inner city, Streetwise but equally alone. Together they share an odyssey full of outrageous humor and riveting excitement that teaches them that its character and love, not size, age or stature, that truly make someone a big shot. Robert Mandel, director of F/X, has given Big Shots a percolating rhythm that maintains a deft balance between the story's scares and surprises and its warm, knowing exploration of two boys on the brink of manhood. With a sterling supporting cast, this is a film the whole family will enjoy.

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Actors: Ricky Busker, Darius Mccrary, Robert Joy, Robert Prosky, Jerzy Skolimowski, Paul Winfield,

Directors: Robert Mandel,

Writers: Joe Eszterhas,

Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 10/02/1987,

Format: MOD - SD,


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