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Beyond Westworld (MOD)

Beyond Westworld (MOD)

Beyond Westworld (MOD)

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How do you kill a man.who's a machine? That's the question confronting Delos Security Chief John Moore (Jim McMullan) as he confronts killer androids under the control of rogue scientist Simon Quaid (James Wainwright) in the world that lies beyond Westworld. Following the events of Westworld and Futureworld, the super-human androids of Delos' infamously deadly amusement parks have been sprung by a psychotic programmer who intends to use them to create a world of perfect order. Delos' agents, led by Moore and backed by Delos' ample technological resources fan out across the globe, on the look-out for any and all android actions. Moore's right-hand woman, fellow agent Pam Williams (Connie Selleca) mixes know-how and show-how out in the field, while back at Delos computer genius Joseph Oppenheimer (William Jordan) tries to counter-program against Quaid's malevolent moves. From the mind of TV producer Lou Shaw (Quincy, ME), inspired by the work of Michael Crichton.

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