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Beauty For Sale (MOD)

Beauty For Sale (MOD)

Beauty For Sale (MOD)

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Three young ladies gossip, wisecrack and love recklessly while working in a swanky New York salon that services wealthy women. Southern belle Letty (Madge Evans), who has been forced to go to work, strikes up an unlikely friendship with well-to-do attorney Mr. Sherwood (Otto Kruger), the husband of her neurotic client Henrietta (Alice Brady), after Henrietta's beloved pet eats her hat. Street-hardened and cynical Carol (Una Merkel), meanwhile, burns the candle at both ends while trying to dig as much gold as possible out of her elder companion, Freddy (Charley Grapewin). Most dangerously of all, good girl Jane (Florine McKinney) pursues a secret romance with Burt (Phillips Holmes), the son of salon owner Madame Sonia. While Letty's friendship begins to blossom into something more, one of the other ladies learns a harsh life lesson, with tragic consequences. Based on a novel by Faith Baldwin (Skyscraper Souls).

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