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Baby Face Harrington (1935) (MOD)

Baby Face Harrington (1935) (MOD)

Baby Face Harrington (1935) (MOD)

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Legendary "tough guy" director Raoul Walsh (High Sierra, White Heat) helms this crime comedy caper that places perpetual milquetoast Charles Butterworth at the center of the action. Butterworth plays Willie Harrington, mild-mannered spouse of socially ambitious Millicent (Una Merkel). Pushed by Millie to be more of a man, Willie demands a raise at work, but it's mistaken for a resignation. Desperate to secure his mortgage, Willie cashes in a life insurance policy and promptly loses the money. Accidentally brandishing a gun while blaming an innocent broker (Donald Meek) for the loss, Willie unintentionally becomes an armed bandit, then realizes his error. Before he can make amends, however, he is robbed by the notorious bank thief Rocky Bannister (Nat Pendleton). Now dubbed "Baby Face" and believed to be the mastermind behind Bannister's crimes, the phony felon must face down some very real criminal McCoys.

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