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The Awakening

Awakening, The
Awakening, The
Awakening, The

The Awakening

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Academy Award winner Charlton Heston stars as an archeologist driven to destroy the ancient evil he unleashes when his research causes The Awakening. Matthew Corbeck (Heston--Ben-Hur) is obsessed with finding and opening the tomb of the murderous ancient Egyptian queen Kara, to the point of neglecting his pregnant wife (Jill Townsend - "Poldark") even as she delivers their baby. But the evil that Corbeck frees takes possession of his newborn daughter. Now, eighteen years later, Corbeck's daughter, Margaret (Stephanie Zimbalist - "Remington Steele"), returns to Egypt to meet her father for the first time--and Corbeck must overcome powerful occult forces to destroy the evil he loosed upon the world.

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