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As The Earth Turns (1934) (MOD)

As The Earth Turns (1934) (MOD)

As The Earth Turns (1934) (MOD)

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Three families in a hardscrabble farming community in Maine see their lives intertwine over the course of a year in this heartfelt drama adapted from Gladys Hasty Carroll's best-selling debut novel. The newcomer Janowski clan arrives in early spring to a reception both welcoming and filled with suspicion from the families of thrifty, industrious Mark Shaw and his shiftless, lazy brother George. Farming is the dream of eldest Janowski son Stan (Donald Woods), a talented violinist who has convinced his tailor father to sell his shop and leave the comforts of Boston for the unforgiving terrain and temperatures of Maine. Stan and Jen (Jean Muir), Mark's daughter, discover their souls share a bond, but sensible Jen knows that real love takes time to set down roots, and Stan's initial ardor is gently rebuffed. This initial setback is followed quickly by two more, a lightning strike and a flirtatious stepsister, putting Stan's character to the test.

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