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Angel Dusted (1981/TV ) (MOD)

Angel Dusted (1981/TV ) (MOD)

Angel Dusted (1981/TV ) (MOD)

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A teenager's drug dependency threatens to tear his family apart in this powerful tale of addiction and its collateral damage. Summoned to the college infirmary, two parents (Jean Stapleton and Arthur Hill) are shocked to find their "perfect" son (John Putch) strapped down and bound in restraints. Told that his violent behavior is the result of smoking PCP, they temporarily commit him to a psychiatric ward, never suspecting the true ordeal about to begin. Co-starring Patrick Cassidy, a young Helen Hunt and Stapleton's real-life son Putch in a terrific lead performance, Angel Dusted features an early score by award-winning composer James Horner. Based on the book by Ursula Etons, the film was adapted by Darlene Craviotto, who also plays the boy's psychiatrist.

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