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Andy Hardy Meets Debutante

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante

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Fresh from her role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, seventeen-year-old Judy Garland is featured in this ninth film of the popular Andy Hardy series. Bursting with energy and talent, she and Mickey Rooney confirm why they were adored by millions of moviegoers. Filmdom may never find two more talented teens. The story finds young Andy dazzled by a picture in a society magazine of a glamorous debutante. When Judge Hardy's crusade to save an orphanage takes him to New York City, Andy tags along in hopes of meeting his dream girl. But "The Big Apple" shows little sympathy for a cocky, small-town boy. Each one of Andy's hairbrained schemes to break into high society backfires - with disastrous but humorous results. Finally, it's his old pal Betsy Booth, a society girl herself, who lends Andy a hand - and a tuxedo. One of the most entertaining films in the series, Andy Hardy Meets Debutante features an added bonus: Miss Garland performing two excellent songs, Alone and I'm Nobody's Baby.

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