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Americans in Bed (HBO) (MOD)

Americans in Bed (HBO) (MOD)

Americans in Bed (HBO) (MOD)

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In this unique and highly intimate documentary, ten American couples - captured in the comfort of their own beds - openly discuss romance, sex, trust and love, revealing what makes their relationships tick. From two young New Yorkers who have split up 26 times, to spouses in their 90s who have been married for 71 years, each couple shares their happiness and heartaches, dreams and desires, showing along the way that no relationship is what it may seem on the surface. Over the course of 81 minutes, the film delves into subjects that are significant to most everyone's lives yet are often kept private, or are difficult to talk about. Although the U.S. has one of the highest marriage rates in the Western world, half of those unions will end in divorce, so "What are we all looking for?" and "How do we know when we've found it?" Director Philippa Robinson takes on these questions and more in this touching, funny and often surprising film, offering candid insights into what makes or breaks a relationship.

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