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Adventure In Baltimore (MOD)

Adventure In Baltimore (MOD)

Adventure In Baltimore (MOD)

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A genteel ladies' art institute is definitely no place for a free thinker. So the school boots independent-minded Dinah Sheldon (Shirley Temple) back to Baltimore. There, the scandalized townsfolk don't know which is more shocking, that Dinah is a suffragist or that she painted her beau (Temple's then-husband, John Agar) in - gasp! - nothing but a loincloth and a manly expression. Thank goodness there`s one person Dinah can depend on: her understanding father, Andrew (Robert Young), an Episcopalian minister. But Andrew is up for promotion to bishop, and an unconventional daughter is scarcely resume material. especially when Dinah's scuffle with ruffians lands her in jail. Thirteen years before Adventure in Baltimore, when Temple was the most famous child actor in the world, she and Young had made engaging costars in Stowaway. That rapport is again evident in this charming period piece that evokes a by gone America.

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