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Addams Family, The (ANIMATED) (DVD)

Addams Family, The (ANIMATED) (DVD)

Addams Family, The (ANIMATED) (DVD)

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They're goofy and kooky, they're curious and spooky . they're The Addams Family! In this animated series based on cartoonist Charles Addams' characters, one of America's wackiest and friendliest families are animated and ready to share their adventures with you, from their seemingly macabre mansion to the moon. Featuring Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley (voiced by a young Jodie Foster!), Uncle Fester, Granny, Lurch, Thing and more, this is one family that is so charmed by life and their unique take on it, choosing to see only the good in everything and everybody, that, in their odd way, they make the rest of the world look strange. Isn't it time to get acquainted - or reacquainted - with The Addams Family?

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