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Absolute Quiet (1936) (MOD)

Absolute Quiet (1936) (MOD)

Absolute Quiet (1936) (MOD)

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When a millionaire's machinations catch up with him in the form of a heart attack, his doctors order him to convalesce in absolute silence. Fate has other plans for G.A. Axton (Lionel Atwill), however, when a pair of escaped, condemned criminals (Bernadene Hays and Wallace Ford) crash Axton's recovery and cause a plane to crash on his ranch. On board the downed plane are citizens whom Axton has crossed - ex-mistress Zelda (Ann Loring); her lover, Gregory (Louis Hayward); political opponent Governor Pruden (Raymond Walburn); and scandal-mongering newsman "Chubby" Rudd (Stuart Erwin). Taken hostage by the criminal pair, the survivors face their greatest threat: the clash between Axton's cruel manipulations and the craven cowardice of the governor. Atwill's wry villain makes for a most unusual hero, while Wallace Ford and Bernadene Hays' vaudevillians-turned-Bonnie-and-Clyde tug at the heart.

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