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A Touch of Class (BD)

A Touch of Class (BD)

A Touch of Class (BD)

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They thought it would be a simple fling. Instead, they got flung. Being free and easy proves neither free nor easy for already-married Steve and divorced Vickie when they fall in love.

George Segal and Glenda Jackson bring the right touch to A Touch of Class, a glossy, grown-up romantic comedy directed and cowritten by Hollywood veteran Melvin Frank (The Court Jester, Li'l Abner). At his harried best teetering between two households, Segal plays sometimes sly, sometimes fumbling Steve. As Vickie, Jackson slings verbal jabs and hotel furnishings with equal glee - and won the second of her two Best Actress Academy Awards®.* The honors for this classiest of romantic romps don't stop there. The two leads each won Golden Globes®. And the film earned five Oscar® nominations in all, including Best Picture. All in all, it's entertainment touched by magic.

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Actors: George Segal, Glenda Jackson, Paul Sorvino, K Callan, Cec Linder,

Directors: Melvin Frank,

Writers: Jack Rose, Melvin Frank,

Genres: Comedy,

Theatrical Release Date: 6/20/1973,

Format: MOD - HD,


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