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A Stranger is Watching (1982) (MOD)

A Stranger is Watching (1982) (MOD)

A Stranger is Watching (1982) (MOD)

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They don't see him, but he's there. A stranger is watching. plotting. planning. and anticipating every move they make. Then he strikes. He imprisons a little girl and a famous reporter in the dank maze of tunnels beneath New York's Grand Central Station. The kidnapper is a remorseless psychopath who wants to collect a ransom, then murder his captives. His victims' only hope is their own wits - and the aid of the dazed and desperate homeless people who roam this urban netherworld.

Kate Mulgrew is heartrendingly believable as the reporter, and Rip Torn gives a harrowing performance as the kidnapper in this nightmarish shocker based on the Mary Higgins Clark suspense novel and directed by Sean S. Cunningham (Friday the 13th). A Stranger Is Watching: You won't be able to look away.