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Isle of the Dead (BD)

Isle of the Dead (BD)

Isle of the Dead (BD)

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Once you visit the Isle of the Dead, there�s no hope of returning to the land of the living. A small island off the coast of Greece holds a secret so dreadful that once you step onto its soil you must remain there forever. General Pherides (master of horror Boris Karloff) is one such a visitor. Going to the island to honor the grave of his late wife, Pherides discovers that it�s held in the grip of a terrifying plague � a sickness that enters the victim�s mind and drives them insane! Pherides leads the fight against the plague, but then falls prey to it himself. In his delirium, he believes that a woman named Thea (Ellen Drew) is a vrykolaka � a vampire responsible for the deaths. Insanity runs rampant, and grave robbery, premature burial and ghastly vampires are the unspeakable horrors that await on the Isle of the Dead.

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Actors: Boris Karloff, Ellen Drew, Marc Cramer, Katherine Emery, Helen Thimig, Alan Napier, Jason Robards Sr., Ernst Deutsch,

Directors: Mark Robson,

Writers: Ardel Wray,

Genres: Horror,

Theatrical Release Date: 9/01/1945,

Format: MOD - HD,


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