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Days of Wine and Roses (BD)

Days of Wine and Roses (BD)

Days of Wine and Roses (BD)

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When Blake Edwards' powerful film of J.P. Miller's heartrending teleplay Days of Wine and Roses hit movie screens, it won critical raves and box-office success and shone brightly as a career highlight for its two Oscar®-nominated stars, Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick, who play a couple caught in alcoholism's web. A San Francisco public-relations hotshot is a "social" drinker...who never stops socializing. His vivacious wife starts drinking to keep him company. They live for good times. But eventually good times turn bad. Days of Wine and Roses earned a total of five Academy Award® nominations and a 1962 Best Song Oscar® for its haunting Henry Mancini/Johnny Mercer title tune. A poignant, harrowing portrait of human lives at their lowest, it also reflects filmmaking at its height.

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Actors: Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick, Charles Bickford, Jack Klugman, Alan Hewitt, Tom Palmer, Debbie Megowan, Maxine Stuart, Jack Albertson, Ken Lynch,

Directors: Blake Edwards,

Writers: J.P. Miller,

Genres: Drama,

Theatrical Release Date: 12/26/1962,

Format: Made To Order Blu-ray,