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Catlow (DVD)

Catlow (DVD)

Catlow (DVD)

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Tough, lusty Catlow (Yul Brynner) is fast on the draw and even faster when it comes to making a dollar. He's also a wanted man. The Mexican Army is after him. So are his hellcat girlfriend (Daliah Lavi), an Indian war party, a vengeful killer (Leonard Nimoy) and several hotheaded cowpokes from Catlow's outlaw gang. Then there's Catlow's best friend, Marshal Ben Cowan (Richard Crenna), who wants the pleasure of putting Catlow behind bars all to himself. Brynner and Crenna bring a backslapping, backstabbing camaraderie to their portrayal of friendly foes. Nimoy, as mean as a hungry coyote, supplies the menace. And director Sam Wanamaker sets up an entertaining tone that's winkingly amiable one minute and action-packed the next. Saddle up with Catlow.

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Actors: Yul Brynner, Richard Crenna, Leonard Nimoy, Jo Ann Pflug, Jeff Corey, Daliah Lavi, David Ladd,

Directors: Sam Wanamaker,

Writers: J.J. Griffith, Scot Finch,

Genres: Action, Drama, Western,

Theatrical Release Date: 10/01/1971,

Format: MOD - SD,


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