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Snowed Under (1936) (MOD)

Snowed Under (1936) (MOD)

Snowed Under (1936) (MOD)

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Struggling to finish the third act of his play, and under the stress of a tight deadline, Alan Tanner hightails it for the peace and quiet of his farmhouse in wintery Connecticut. The play's producer (Porter Hall), distrustful of Tanner, dispatches Tanner's ex-wife Alice (Genevieve Tobin), to help him finish the play. Then the floodgates open as Tanner's remote hideaway is besieged by his second ex-wife (Glenda Farrell), her lawyer, the deputy sheriff and Tanner's fiance? (Patricia Ellis). Snowed in by an approaching blizzard, Tanner must juggle the various personalities trapped with him while still completing his play. George Brent, starring as Alan Tanner, leads a stellar cast in this delightful romantic farce.