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Mickey Blue Eyes (MOD)

Mickey Blue Eyes (MOD)

Mickey Blue Eyes (MOD)

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He walks the wawk. He talks the tawk. Noo Yawk is about to encounter a most unlikely mobster. Hugh Grant plays dapper Manhattan art auctioneer Michael Felgate in this lively fish-out-of-water comedy romp. Eager to marry Gina (Jeanne Tripplehorn), the lovely teacher he's been dating for three months, Michael feels it's time he meet her family. What he meets is the family. Gina's father Frank, (James Caan), is a gangster a "juicer" who extracts money for the mob. Now the squeeze is on Michael to use the auction house as a money-laundering scam for dubious artwork...plunging fumbling, bumbling Michael into a world where he must pose as a notorious wise guy called Mickey Blue Eyes. You'll call him hilarious.


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