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Where's Huddles: The Complete Series (MOD)

Where's Huddles: The Complete Series (MOD)

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They're just an average pair of suburban families, the Huddleses and the next-door McCoys. Average, blue-collar working stiffs who play professional football, that is. Or as their snide neighbor Pertwee (voice of Paul Lynde) would have it, "Savages, that's what they are." Ed Huddles (voice of Cliff Norton) is quarterback for the the Rhinos and Bubba McCoy (voice of Mel Blanc) is his center, while decidedly above-average wives Marge (voice of Jean Vander Pyl) and Penny (voice of Marie Wilson) try to keep the big galoots civilized. Adding a dash of v�rit� to the prime-time animated sports sitcom is the voice of L.A. Rams' sportscaster Dick Enberg as the Rhinos' announcer. Now if Huddles could just learn to stop fumbling the ball or falling for Pertwee's schemes, he could come to enjoy the sports the meantime, he's got Marge in this 10 Episode complete series collection.

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