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The Kwicky Koala Show (The Complete Series) (MOD)

The Kwicky Koala Show (The Complete Series) (MOD)

The Kwicky Koala Show (The Complete Series) (MOD)

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With the debut of The Kwicky Koala Show, the animation masters at Hanna-Barbera returned to a format that they perfected in the studio's early days -- the short-format, funny-animal anthology show. Fast, silly and flippant, The Kwicky Koala Show features three six-minute shows depicting the respective adventures of Kwicky Koala, the fastest bear in Australia; Dirty Dawg, the dingy dandy con-dog king of the garbage dump; and Crazy Claws, a razor-sharp wildcat (in both wit AND claw). Adding to the animated delight are the "short acts," interspersed between the main segments, of the Bungle Brothers, a pair of vaudeville wanna-be dogs. With contributions from the legendary Tex Avery, The Kwicky Koala Show has an antic animated pedigree that few shows can match, and it delivers the laughs to back it up. Featuring the vocal talents of Robert Allen Ogle, John Stephenson, Jim MacGeorge, Peter Cullen, Don Messick, Michael Bell, Allan Melvin and Frank Welker.

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