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The FBI: The Third Season Part Two

The FBI: The Third Season Part Two

The FBI: The Third Season Part Two

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They're straight arrows, all right - and they're aimed right at our country's foes. The second half of The FBI's third season sees the nation's enemies take a decided turn to the worst. Bank robbers, blackmailers, saboteurs, defectors, embezzlers, their victims and accomplices are brought to vivid life by a series of special guest stars including Anne Baxter, Bradford Dillman, Lynn Bari, Fritz Weaver, Robert Walker and Suzanne Pleshette. Among the specific case crimes drawn from the real files of the FBI and tackled by Erskine (Efrem Zimbalist Jr.) and company in this compendium are espionage, extortion, kidnapping, murder and interstate transport.

So strap on your badge and fire up the Ford. This 3-Disc, 11-Episode collection is packed with thrills for all G-men, junior and senior alike.

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