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Bronco: The Complete Third Season (MOD)

Bronco: The Complete Third Season (MOD)

Bronco: The Complete Third Season (MOD)

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Bronco Layne (Ty Hardin) rides on for justice in this third season of his hard-hitting adventures. This two-disc, lO-episode collection presents Bronco with some of his greatest challenges, and they spring from friend and foe alike! The season starts with a bang as Bronco finds himself framed for the crimes of a white scalphunter (Mort Mills), and rapidly raises the stakes as he's forced to team with a notorious outlaw (Gerald Mohr), revisit Civil War espionage, and join a manhunt alongside a Mountie (Felix Deebank) for his best friend and former commander (Richard Garland). It all comes to a head when Bronco must learn how to tame the tempestuous oratory of the "Yankee Tornado," a young Teddy Roosevelt (Peter Breck) side by side with "Sugarfoot," himself, Tom Brewster (Will Hutchins). Other notable guests include Buddy Ebsen, Chad Everett, Shirley Knight, Robert Armstrong, Denver Pyle and Lee Van Cleef.

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