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Wide Open (1930) (MOD)

Wide Open (1930) (MOD)

Wide Open (1930) (MOD)

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This pre-Code caper put comic-relief titan Edward Everett Horton in a most unusual position - romantic leading man! Thankfully, for Horton's sake and ours, the filmmaker's wisely chose to fill the role of his leading lady with the amazing Louise Fazenda, who even gets the chance to sing the blues! Timid, fluttery, cat-loving confirmed bachelor Simon Haldane (Horton) is used to having his excellent ideas ignored by his abusive boss Trundle (E. J. Ratcliffe) while being pursued against his will by coworker Agatha (Fazenda), but one dark and stormy night turns his life upside down. While Simon is confronted by Agatha's matrimony-demanding mother (Vera Lewis), a young lass takes shelter in his apartment, unbeknownst to him. And she happens to be undressed.Louise Beavers adds some sanity as Simon's maid, Easter.

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