DVD vs. Blu-ray: 10 Reasons to Go Blu-ray

1. Blu-ray is the best possible way to watch movies.
"Blu-ray is vastly superior to DVD. You can actually see the things we did in IMAX...
It's the best possible chance to see what we did technically."
– Christopher Nolan, Director of "The Dark Knight" (Hollywood Reporter, September 26-29)

2. Blu-ray discs provide the best possible picture quality. Without Blu-ray, your HDTV is just TV.
You've spent the money on an HDTV, and now it's time to make the most of it. See the picture quality intended by the filmmakers with Blu-ray Discs, which hold up to 5 times the content of an ordinary DVD, giving you the richest possible picture and sound.

3. Blu-ray Discs can give the best possible sound quality with up to 7.1 surround sound capability.
Your HDTV comes with internal speakers but you can add up to seven speakers, including a sub-woofer, to create an in-theatre experience that makes your heart race with the action or soar with the composer's score, and Blu-ray Discs can deliver uncompressed audio tracks to hear as the creators intended.

4. Blu-ray Discs play on your Playstation® 3 as well as a Blu-ray set-top player.
To see a list of Blu-ray players, go to: http://us.blu-raydisc.com/hardware.html

5. Blu-ray players make your DVDs look better.
Your current DVD collection will look better than ever with a Blu-ray player, because the player's technology up-converts the images to a higher resolution for a crisper image.

6. Blu-ray players are easy to use.
It's not any more complicated to use than your current DVD player, and you'll get more out of it. All you need is a Blu-ray player, an HDMI cable and a HDTV.

7. All the major Hollywood studios support Blu-ray.
There are well over over 3,500 favorite films and TV shows available on Blu-ray today (as of June 2011).

8. Prices of Blu-ray movies are more affordable than ever.
It's easy to find Blu-ray discs for as low as $15 or less!

9. Blu-ray player prices are readily available below $200.
To see a list of Blu-ray players, go to: http://us.blu-raydisc.com/hardware.html

10. When you connect your Blu-ray player to the internet with BD-Live™ you can download new features, connect with other fans and post your own commentaries.
Blu-ray enhances the entire movie watching experience. With BonusView™ and BD-Live ™ enabled Blu-ray players, you can also watch commentaries and special features without ever leaving the film with Picture-in-Picture techonology and intuitive navigation tools.

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