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  • Senior agent Jack Malone (Anthony LaPaglia) is a tough, compassionate professional who was the head of the special New York–based FBI task force known as the Missing Persons Squad. Demoted after his renegade style got him into trouble one too many times, Jack still knows all too well that every second counts when someone vanishes, and begrudgingly adjusts to life with his new boss.
  • Connery and Bergen star in this Middle East romantic adventure about a Moroccan chief who triggers an international incident when he kidnaps an American widow and her children.
    Director:   John Milius
    Cast:   Sean Connery, Candice Bergen, Brian Keith, John Huston
    Theatrical Release Date: 05/22/1975
  • Toiling in the netherworld of the L.A. comedy scene, Barry Singer's universe turns upside down when he meets Thea Douglas, a young political activist.
    Director:   Bill Kalmenson
    Cast:   Christopher Meloni, Timothy Busfield, Janel Moloney
    Theatrical Release Date: 10/02/1998
  • Ann Sothern goes husband hunting in a double feature of wisecracking romantic comedies that feature stellar supporting casts.
  • The legend of the West is back as Jack Kelly returns for the fifth and final season of Maverick.
    Cast:   Jack Kelly
  • Robert Taylor stars as charismatic, dedicated and unflappable Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire in this contemporary crime thriller based on the best-selling mystery novels.
  • The story of a sailor and the owner of a seaside cafe falling in love.
    Director:   Roy Rowland
    Cast:   Debbie Reynolds, Walter Pidgeon, Vic Damone
  • The GoBots are reporting for action on DVD and they have never looked this good!.Experience the first five episodes of the exciting animated series – known to fans as The Battle for Gobotron saga – in revitalized digitally remastered splendor.
  • Sebastian is an eccentric 17 year old growing up with his mother, stepfather and sister. When his stepfather, Hank announces that he plans to become a woman, Sebastian's family and life are thrown into a tailspin.
    Director:   Paul Greengrass
    Cast:   James Nesbitt, Tim Pigott-Smith, Nicholas Farrell
    Theatrical Release Date: 10/04/2002
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  • An inept criminal gang plans a daring train robbery. When deported Chicago mobster Cesare Celli is kidnapped by five amateur thieves, he soon finds himself on the top 10 unwanted list.
    Director:   Ken Annakin
    Cast:   Robert Wagner, Raquel Welch, Vittorio De Sica
    Theatrical Release Date: 01/17/1968
  • It was an event of Sunday, January 30th, 1972, when British troops clashed with unarmed protestors in Derry, Northern Ireland.
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