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  • Price:$24.95
  • Robert Mitchum stars as a tough private eye who is caught in a complex web of love, money and murder when he is hired to find a hood's homicidal girlfriend and falls in love with her.
    Director:   Jacques Tourneur
    Cast:   Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, Kirk Douglas, Rhonda Fleming, Richard Webb
    Theatrical Release Date: 11/13/1947
  • In this gritty character-driven drama from Greg Berlanti (Arrow, Everwood) and Emmy® winner Nicholas Wootton (Chuck, NYPD Blue), a young, ambitious police officer (Theo James – Divergent, Underworld: Awakening) rises quickly within the New York Police Department — perhaps through questionable methods — after becoming a celebrated hero in the line of duty. Chi McBride, Kevin Alejandro also star.
  • Alan Ladd stars as a pacifist on a fighting ship whose business is killing in The Deep Six, a gripping WWII adventure based on the novel by Martin Dibner and directed by Rudolph Mate.
    Theatrical Release Date: 01/15/1958
  • Ty Hardin stars as two-fisted rough rider Bronco Layne in his first season of wild west adventures.
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