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  • U.S. Revenue Agent Frank Long knows that good ol’ boy Son Martin has brewed up barrels and barrels of premium corn liquor, and Long also knows precisely what he needs to do: get those barrels of booze for himself so that he can make a fat Depression-era profit.
    Director:   Richard Quine
    Cast:   Patrick Mcgoohan, Richard Widmark
  • Tennessee mountain patriarchs Laban Feather (Rod Steiger) and Pap Gutshall (Robert Ryan) and their respective broods have long been fussing over a desirable piece of meadowland.
    Director:   Richard C. Sarafian
    Cast:   Rod Steiger, Robert Ryan
  • It began as a simple convent election. Then came the illegal buggings. the bungled break-in, the hasty cover-up and the exorbitant payoffs.
    (save 22%)
  • Adapted from the motion picture of the same name by Stirling Silliphant, the TV version of Maya brings the film's two young stars, Jay North and Sajid Khan, to the small screen for some very big adventures.
    Director:   Marvin J. Chomsky
    Cast:   Jay North
    (save 21%)
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